Frequently Asked Questions

How may we help you?  You can find the FAQ answers below. If you have more questions, you can always reach us from our contact page.

How may we help you? Aşağıda en sık sorulan soruların yanıtlarını bulabilirsin. Daha fazla sorun olursa bize her zaman iletişim sayfamızdan ulaşabilirsin

Membership and all of the events are free. You can create your membership for free and quickly via the link. Then, you can become a member of the WhatsApp group with the e-mail we will send to your e-mail box, and when your country coordinator reaches you, you can directly convey what you have in mind.

We are working for it! For now, we only serve in 7 countries; America, Italy, England, Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada. If you want to bring GreaTR to your country, you can contact us. Necessary information is available in the contact section.

The only criterion for becoming a member is to be a Turkish university student studying abroad in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Participation in all activities within GreaTR is on a voluntary basis. You can decide which events you want to attend by examining the options, and you can register for the one you want.

You can follow us on our social media accounts to be informed about the events that we organize regularly and which are only for our members. Current events and opportunities will also be shared in your countries WhatsApp groups.

The main communication platform of the GreaTR community is country WhatsApp groups, and if you become a member, country coordinators will reach you and provide an environment for you to communicate digitally. Activities planned according to the goals and visions of GreaTR; performed periodically in digital, physical or hybrid form.

As GreaTR is a voluntary project, the organization team consists of volunteers who provide value, experience, knowledge and workforce to the project from different aspects. If you think you can contribute to GreaTR in any way, please let us know Do not hesitate to reach us at