Studying at Berkeley - GreaTR

Since Berkeley is a different city close to San Francisco, it is a place that makes you feel the energy of the big city while experiencing campus life. The liberal structure of this place provides an environment for everyone to freely express their own ideas. One of the biggest reasons for this is the revolutionary nature of the city, which comes from being the epicenter of the hippie movements. So one of the surprises of being a foreigner here is the routine protests. As a Political Science student, this situation provides an environment for me to constantly gain experience and make observations in the field that i am passionate about.

Due to the liberalism of Berkeley, the fact that people do not determine the social standards of their economic situation is one of the factors that make this place special for me. No one is trying to dominate the places where they shop, eat, or drink. That's why we can describe Berkeley as the understated and simple little brother of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Most students at Berkeley, which is one of the most difficult universities to get admission into, prioritize their academic life. Students who spend most of their day on campus usually spend time in libraries and the school's cafes and restaurants. One of the reasons for this is school spirit awareness; Despite the academic intensity, students are very busy with school activities and extracurricular clubs. The administration also supports this, because they believe that every student admitted to this institution can graduate from here, helping their students to balance their academic and extracurricular activities.  

Berkeley, along with its other siblings, hosts international cuisines. This enables everyone to get to know each other's culture and interact with these cultures.